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"I play to win. Helping my clients buy or sell their home is no exception. That’s why I devote my all when it comes to my clients’ goals."

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by his name. Jaz Sandhu seems to fit his perfectly.

To say Jaz Sandhu has a high-energy approach would be an understatement. If you were to ask the people who know Jaz best, they would tell you he is the kind of person who is driven to succeed and puts his best foot forward at all times. In fact, his passion for life is why Jaz has been so successful throughout his career.

Teamwork. Dedication. Commitment.

Jaz grew up in India and had a very active childhood. During his teen years, he began playing field hockey and was selected to play professionally for esteemed clubs traveling the world to Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and, ultimately, Canada. This experience taught Jaz the importance of teamwork, dedication and always giving his best. “I enjoy competing and especially winning,” Jaz says. “But I think as long as you are putting in 100% commitment, you can not lose.”

In his free time, Jaz enjoys spending every moment he can with his wife, Sandy, and twin daughters, Sana and Niki.

Jaz first arrived in Edmonton from India in 1999 and has developed a reputation for his strong work ethic and professionalism. Moving from a foreign country is always a challenge, but Jaz was motivated to flourish. He started at the ground level working entry level positions. Through hard work and perseverance, he slowly rose through the ranks. At the same time, Jaz met his wife and they started a family, raising twin daughters. His family continues to be an inspiration and driving force for him to this day.

His Personal Best

Looking back, Jaz realizes that his success over the years can be attributed to his pure determination to succeed. His real estate career is no exception. That’s why he has adopted the motto: Jazzed About Edmonton Real Estate. Sure, it is a play on his name, but it also says a lot about who he is as a professional. Jaz’s energetic approach combined with his never-settle-for-less philosophy is a winning combination when it comes to helping his clients buy or sell a home.

From initial consultation to closing, Jaz walks you through every step of the process so you can make informed decisions for your family.

Jaz is an incredibly organized and efficient professional who believes that every detail matters and he ensures your home sale or purchase is taken care of with diligence. From the moment you first meet Jaz, it is clear that your goals are his priorities. When it comes to helping you achieve those goals, Jaz plays to win.

Jazzed in Edmonton Real Estate

Jaz is a driven professional who believes second best simply isn’t good enough. When you’re ready to make a move in Edmonton, it’s important to work with a professional who makes you and your goals his priority. That’s Jaz Sandhu. Call him today to see how he can help!

2761 Hewes Way NW • Edmonton, AB T6L 6N5
Direct: 780-462-5000
Email: info@JazSandhu.ca
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